Town Hall
Location: Brownsdale Room - Delta Hotel - Lower Level
Wednesday, September 17 (3:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.)

Partnerships in Observing – Canada and USA This Town Hall will discuss the importance of the partnerships between the United States and Canada. The panel will explore the question - Can we provide more services if there were a more formal North American observing infrastructure?

Moderator: Gerhard Kuska, Director MARACOOS – US IOOS
Panelists Include:

  • U.S IOOS/NERACOOS: Ru Morrison
  • OTN: Fred Whoriskey
  • MEOPAR: Doug Wallace
  • St.Lawrence Global Observatory: Claude Tremblay
  • SmartBay/SmartAtlantic: Bill Carter
  • U.S. IOOS/GLOS – invited
  • U.S. IOOS/NANOOS – invited
  • ONC - invited

Town Hall
Location: Brownsdale Room - Delta Hotel - Lower Level
Thursday, September 18 (10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

Developing the Marine Technologies and Services Industry Enterprise Marine technology and services companies are important partners and stakeholders of the ocean observing program and in have gown as a result of ocean observing programs. However quantifying their collective value remains a challenge. We will explore the opportunities and challenges to growing this enterprise.

Moderator: Jim Hanlon – Halifax Marine Research Institute

  • Determining the Ocean Enterprise: Zdenka Willis, US IOOS
  • CODAR: US example industry: Laura Pederson, CODAR
  • NL ocean technology innovation cluster: Barry Snow, Ocean Advance
  • OTN: Perspective of technology and business development : Fred Whoriskey
  • Maritime bioLoggers: Starting a new company - Franziska Broell
  • Marine Technology Society (MTS) – Value of societies to this area – Justin Manley
  • ONC’s Innovation Centre: Scott McLean