Did you know it’s easy to get to St. John's YYT - but remember it’s ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland and Labrador - not Saint John !

St. John's International Airport is connected to the world. We are serviced by several international and national airlines. Did you know you can fly to YYT - St. John's direct from Heathrow London, England in approximately 5 hours during peak season (May to September)) !

As well we have a direct flight from Newark, New Jersey - approximately 2.5 hours, so we are just one stop away from ALL major centres !

If you have any questions on best routes, airlines etc, please feel free to contact cathy.hogan@oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org




Six airlines currently offer scheduled passenger service year-round and two charter airlines offer seasonal services to Canadian and southern destinations. Please contact our airline partners directly for more information or reservations.

Scheduled Passenger Service:

    Air Canada http://www.aircanada.com
    West Jet http://www.westjet.com
    United http://www.united.ca
    Provincial http://www.provincialairlines.com
    Porter http://www.flyporter.com
    St.Pierre www.airsaintpierre.com


Charter Passenger Service:

    Air Transat http://www.airtransat.com
    Sun Wing http://www.sunwing.ca

Visiting Canada

You may need a VISA to enter Canada. Information regarding who needs to obtain a temporary Visa to visit Canada is outlined at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/index.asp

For a letter of invitation, we will need the following information in order to properly prepare that letter:

  • Complete name
  • Date of birth
  • Address and telephone number for where you are staying
  • Dates when you are entering and leaving Canada

Please allow sufficient time when requesting the letter in order to have your application for VISA to be approved.

The VISA application form can be obtained at

Other AIR Travel Information

Most established international airlines fly into Canada, with the largest hub being Pearson International Airport located in Toronto, Ontario. Within Canada there are convenient schedules and flight times featuring a wide variety of international and connector airlines, including Air Canada (Star Alliance), WestJet, Porter Airlines and United.

Approximate Air Travel Connecting Times:
Toronto St. John's 3 hours
Montreal St. John's 2 hours
Halifax St. John's 1 1/2 hours
New York, USA St. John's 4 hours
Boston St. John's 3 hours