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If your inquiry is of a more specific nature, please reference our Organizing Committee.


Local Organizing Committee

  Darrell O'Neill Chair

  Vicki Button Co-Chair

  Dwight  Howse General Chair

  Randy Gillespie Technical Co-Chair

Ralf Bachmayer Technical Co-Chair

  Shelly Petten Chair Promotion

  Glenda Leyte Advisor - Publications and Magazines

  Cathy Hogan Local Project Manager
Patrons Chair

SPC Co-Chair SPC Co-Chair


  Ed Janes Finance Chair

Paul Brett Tutorials Chair

  Debbie Power Webmaster

  Neil Riggs IEEE OES

Brian Kidney IEEE Representative

Anne Bailey Patron Chair

Julie Afonso Communications Chair

Karen Appleby ACOA Advisor

Sue Kingston  Exhibits Manager  
Marilyn Keller Tours Chair
  Kevin Strowbridge SPC Co-Chair